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Release date November 2012

Do you think your life has to be perfect before you can love it?

Do you believe you lack the skill to form a good relationship?

Do you dread going home for the holidays?

Is facing your family the same as facing your past?

Does family and past hurt too much?

Do you believe it is hard growing up Latina?

Do you think you are alone in your challenges and struggles?

8 Ways To Say I Love My Life is a ‘must read’ if you feel any of the above.

This soon to be released book is the inspiration that can change your life.

The Book Begins With a Foreword Written by The Legendary Vikki Carr.


It contains 8 stories written by 8 authors, among them Josefina Lopez the author of ‘Hungry Woman In Paris”, “Real Women Have Curves” and much more. For more information about Josefina please see her page. Another delightful contributing author is Nancy De Los Santos Reza. She is a writer, director and producer who was nominated for two prime Emmy Awards. Please see Nancy’s page for more information.

Our third contributing author is Bel Hernandez Castillo founder and director of the famous and highly sought after Hollywood magazine for Latinos called “Latin Heat”. Bel has  her own page too. Please also visit Susan Orosco’s page. She is author of “Latino Power: 7 Powers all Latinos Have Upon Which to Build an Empire.” and also has a soon to be released book called “The Clean Soul Method.”

Let me introduce the other four fabulous contributing authors, playwrights and public speakers. Margo De Leon, Laura De Anda, Joanna Diaz and Rita Marmolejo Mosqueda. For more about them please see their pages.


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