The Latina Spiritual Liberation Movement

Why do Latina’s need a spiritual liberation movement? …because it is time to fight for our spiritual rights. • The right to forgive, painlessly, and to be forgiven. • The right to be free from guilt, shame or regret. • The right to love our lives, our past and our inner selves. • The right to have an unbroken heart. • The right to heal our spirit. Imagine if all Latinas joined together in support of each other’s success. What if we could remove everything that stands in the way of our dreams? What if fear, self-doubt and limitations were emotions of the past?

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The Truth About Women

Inside all of us is a higher version of ourselves. On a higher plane we know we are perfect and nothing about us needs to be fixed. We are not too fat, too old or too weak. We are not powerless, not co-dependent and not afraid. We are daughters of the Universe and we were created on purpose. We each hold a piece of the world in our hearts; therefore we each contribute to its meaning. We belong to each other and we are all in this together. We must all awaken and bless the earth. It is time to hold high a woman’s worth. The struggle to learn to love ourselves is over. It is time to simply do it. The salvation of the earth depends on it.

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