Law of Attraction: 4 Barriers to Creating More Happiness

In a recent seminar I asked my audience to identify the biggest barriers that stood between them and having more happiness. They came up with four barriers. We spent a half an hour discussing the barriers and the barrier busters according to the ‘you create your own reality’ philosophy. Below is what we discovered and resolved.

The 4 barriers.

Barrier 1 – The Unworthiness Syndrome. Many of us believe in self-punishment. Too often we feel unworthy of consistent happiness. Sometimes we even doubt it exists. There are even some of us that think happiness is wrong, dishonest or temporary. What I often see are those who think it is disloyal to be happy especially if we lost a loved one. There are just too many unreasonable reasons for refusing ourselves ultimate happiness.

Barrier Buster – You deserve to be happy. Loved ones want you to be happy.  They deserve it and you deserve it. You are a better person when you are happy. Everybody feels the lift of energy when you are happy. For example one day, I came out of my bedroom and declared my love for my life by raising my arms up and shouting it as I walked through the house. My daughter’s eyes lit up. I knew I had set the tone to her day –actually I noticed I set the tone for everybody in the house that day. Joy filled the house.

Barrier 2 – You believe you are insignificant. When you believe this, you will not want your inside self to create your happiness. So you choose not to believe in such an outlandish notion and decide to reject it. The problem with this, like or believe it or not, you are creating your happiness.

Barrier Buster – Love yourself. I believe we are all on earth to learn one main lesson; Who Am I? Our spiritual journey, when allowed, leads us to discover how powerful, beautiful, and perfect we all are. In the process of learning this, you will know you cannot be insignificant. It is our job and duty to surpass what stands in the way of your happiness. When the negativity is released your truest self emerges. You will naturally gravitate towards joy, compassion, love and service. Let go of anything that does not lead you closer to the truth about yourself.

Barrier 3 – Blame. Too often we blame others for our unhappiness. We give them the power to make us happy or unhappy. Blame makes us vulnerable. When you blame –you give your power away and that makes you powerless and unhappy.

Barrier Buster – Don’t blame. Take responsibility for your state of being. If you are unhappy decide otherwise and do something about it.  It is important (and doable) to understand that happiness is an inside job. What is outside of you does not have the power to change what is inside of you; only you can do that.

Barrier 4 – You fear your own power. If you tune into your biggest fear or rage you will feel a huge surge of emotion that can sometimes petrify you. That’s why we avoid it until it surfaces when we wish it would not. What we often don’t know is that surge of emotion is our power. That is how great we are.

Barrier Buster – That monster you fear inside you is nothing –if it does not couple itself with your power. The monster is just a thought, a thought that can be changed. It can easily be deflated when the emotion is dissolved. The monster is a belief, fueled by your feelings and maintained by your thoughts. When you challenge your belief, dissolve the emotion and dismiss the thoughts, the monster shrinks to an infinitesimal size. If reality is created through your thoughts, beliefs and emotions then the trick is to master your thoughts, beliefs and emotions to the point that you can create the realty of your dreams.

Blow past these four barriers and you will begin to master the creation of your reality.


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