How to Make Your Heart Smart: 3 Keys to Smarter Dating: Taking the Edge Off the Dating Game

Smart hearts find the best romance and fall in love. I wanted to be a smart heart. I spent too many years not knowing how important it was to use my intuition, my mind and my common sense to find love. Too often I found myself chasing my tail, going in circles and repeating the same mistakes. But eventually I learned.

I learned a 3 key system to choosing the best love interest -and to choose smarter from the very beginning. I learned to let my intuition team up with my brain power to find a way to tell if a date was good in the first hour. Now, I can do it in 15 minutes. Read on and you will be able to do the same. Below is my 3 key system to make your heart smart.

1. Break away from the past. Does your new date remind you of your ex in any way? Or your father? Mother? Be careful not to repeat a previous cycle. You are not learning if you are going in circles. Break from the past and try a new experience. I know it is tempting to go with the familiar, but at some point you have to travel into the future. If s/he reminds you of the past, s/he may not be for you.

2. Pay attention to the conversation. Does s/he let you talk or is s/he dominating the conversation. Be careful that you are not too withdrawn either –that could be why s/he is dominating the conversation. Your date should be calm, (as can be) with shared conversation, and nice –for both of you. Don’t talk about your ex. If it is apparent that your date brought a broken heart to the evening, you will know in the first 15 minutes. If you sense the ghost of a third person -it is key to let that catch go.

3. Who pays? The dating game should agree to this one simple rule. Whoever invites should pay. If the man invites the woman, he picks up the bill. If she invites him, she should pick up the bill. What about splitting the cost? Whenever a man mentions splitting the cost with me I tell him about the dating rule, and usually we are back on track. If he doesn’t like the rule and insists on splitting the check –I scratch him off my dating list.

Use the 3 keys for dating and you will be able to tell in 15 minutes –if you should run the other way or if your smart heart has delivered the real thing  –romance, love and future.

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