Forgiveness: How to Forgive in 3 Steps and Free your Mind

Forgiveness: How to Forgive in 3 Steps and Free your Mind


Forgiveness: How to Forgive in 3 Steps and Free your Mind


By Susan Orosco




There are miracles to be had, when you forgive. So much so, that if you experienced even a fraction of its power you would be fearless. There would be no end to reaching your goals; because there would be nothing stopping you. Fear petrifies, forgiveness releases.

 Forgiveness, when properly implemented, eradicates fear. And being fearless is a paved road to success. With so much to gain, why would anyone not want to do it? I suspect it would be because they don’t know how or don’t know just what forgiveness entails. Therefore, below I offer three tools that can help clarify the concept and also help you obtain a more powerful and fully functioning mind.

Step 1- Accept a new and highly functional definition for ‘forgiveness.’ Try this one: Forgiveness means to stop seeing yourself as a victim. Or this: forgiveness means to stop trying to change the past. This is the one I like: forgiveness means ‘you’ can’t hurt me anymore. The ‘you’ in this sentence can mean anybody or anything; even yourself.  But most important, see forgiveness as something you do for yourself. Forgiveness is a selfish act. You do it for you, so you can move forward.

Step 2 – Understand why it works. This is important because many people have hidden negative emotions about forgiveness. If fear rises at the thought of it, well…that’s your first block right there. That is why I offer a new definition as the first step; so it will diminish your fear of it.

Think of forgiveness as a virus removal program for your mind. Think of fear as the virus. Forgiveness re

moves the emotional blocks that keep you from moving forward toward your dreams and aspirations. But fear and accompanying negative emotions (the virus) are often hidden and may even trick you into believing you have no fears or blocks.

To test the validity of that claim; simply take a look at your life. Your blocks can be found amongst your problems. If you have problems with relationships, for example, take a look at a past relationship that you cannot forgive and notice any resemblance. While the similarity doesn’t need to be identical, it is still a block.

Forgiveness means to simply reprogram your mind. A lifestyle you once thought you were stuck with can be updated. But you may ask, how do you remove the old program? That brings us to next step.

Step 3 – How do you update? You command it, and then sit back and allow it. Let me explain:

Negative emotions are like an outdated program. You don’t need them anymore. They used to work. But now we have higher technology, like going from dial-up to DSL.

The old fear program is like having a computer with limited memory or RAM. Your ability to operate at a faster, powerful rate is inhibited. Fear is out. Self-confidence is in. Many of us need an inner power update.

I am not suggesting you release common sense and lessons learned. I am talking about unnecessary fears, the kind of thoughts and feelings that keep you petrified and afraid to make a move toward your dreams and desires.

Updating does not really require any new input or information; it is not an overhaul. You just simply need to be willing to forgive and allow the update to happen…your subconscious mind will begin to upload. The new program is not really new, it has always been there. It was just disabled, by a program virus called fear.

Of course fear will

rise and try to stop the upload. Feel the fear, and then let it dissipate. And it will, because there is nowhere else for it to go. Once confronted; fear will dissolve. That’s forgiveness. Let go. What emerges from under the burden of negative emotion is a strong sense of possibility and ability.

Don’t be afraid to want more for yourself. You deserve it and you are safe. Put yourself in the hands of a higher authority, as you understand it, such as God or the Universe. You will be safe as the update takes place. Forgive, let go and step into the ‘decider’ role. Decide you will never again be a victim and nobody has permission to hurt you.

Breathe fear out and let new technology in. That’s forgiveness.


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