Everything You Truly Need Is Found Inside You

Women blossom when they are happy. Yet, our biggest lesson is learning that happiness does not come from outside of us. Happiness is an inside job. Men, or significant others, are not the source of our happiness. But if we look for this… we will always be chasing for what waits inside. Look inside. Love yourself, love your body, love your life.

You, your body and your life belong to you. They will always be under your care and will always demonstrate your decisions. Pay attention to their needs, listen, and provide. Love your life… like it was a person, a soul, a loved one. Love your body like it was your child. A defendant child that has no where else to go but stay with you. Love it, accept it, exercise it and give it nutrients. That is love, care and acceptance. Love who you are today. Try it for one day.  Affirm: I love my body, I love my life. I love what I am becoming.

Do this and you will find an abundance of happiness.

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