CASA 0101 was founded by Josefina Lopez, author of Real Women Have Curves, in 2000 to fulfill her vision of bringing art and live theater programs to Boyle Heights. From its humble beginnings in a former tiny bridal shop, Casa 0101 has established itself as a leading arts venue for Los Angeles’ East Side, currently offering year round theatrical productions and classes in dramatic writing and acting to youth and adults.

CASA means house or home in Spanish. 0’s and 1’s are the binary language computers use to operate. Casa 0101 was founded at the dawn of digital age, when digital cameras started appearing and movie- making became accessible to more people. Early on Josefina Lopez taught a few digital video classes and Casa 0101 was meant to become a home of the digital revolution. Though the organization subsequently focused its energies on theater and not digital filmmaking, the name stuck. 0 and 1 can also mean nothing & everything, yin and yang, male & female, and many more dual opposites. Through storytelling and theater and other art forms Casa 0101 is committed to exploring the world and oneself, the good and the bad, the light and the darkness of our soul and our world to the point where there are no borders and “0” and “1” are one.

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