5 Steps to Loving Your Body: And why You Should!

5 Steps to Loving Your Body: And why You Should!


Womans body  by Susan Orosco

I believe loving your body is not only necessary but it is life-enhancing. The importance of accepting your body, just like it is, can help you achieve better health, strength, beauty and also help you connect with your inner power.

Nutritionists say that what creates the condition of our bodies is what you eat and drink. Deepak Chopra says the body is simply a printout of what is going on in your mind. Which one is it? I think it is both.

Medical science says every cell in our bodies is replaced every seven years. Therefore, we don’t have the same body we had seven years ago. If so, then how does the body hold on to diseases like lupus, diabetes and high blood pressure for decades? Who holds the memory? Science says it is the subconscious mind that communicates that information to the body. I say the conscious mind needs to get involved in that conversation.

Below are 5 steps to loving your body and reasons why you should.

1. Love and Accept Your Body:  The first step the conscious mind must make is to accept the body just like it is. Resistance on the other hand does nothing but separate your conscious mind from your body. The separation creates a negative and limited flow of messages from your subconscious mind that your body takes very seriously. Acceptance, however, brings down resistance. To get involved in the conversation between your subconscious mind and your body, you must be invited. And you cannot be invited if you are at odds with the body. Release your need to change your body, love it, accept it and then get involved by interjecting affirmations filled with love.

Why you should: If you want the perfect body, love it and it will become the perfect body. Maybe not the magazine version but certainly the most healthy and able body you are capable of producing. Your head is director and creator and your body is the creation. Abandon your thoughts that disrespect, criticize or neglect your body. Develop a relationship with your body filled with love, respect and honor.

2. Communicate: Listen to your body. Understand its language. Pay attention to the sensations you feel when you are hungry, thirsty and stressed. The language of the body comes in the form of signals and messages. Listen for signals of stress and when the body is feeling emotion. Much of the communication you receive from your body may not require action but to simply acknowledge them with a loving and validating attitude. Your body will appreciate and strengthen the communication channels between you.

Why you should: Communication is happening even as you read this. You are determining what is true and what is not. Through peptides and transmitters your body is already reacting to your thoughts, emotions and expectations. By not getting consciously involved in that conversation you are allowing your fears, doubts and worries to create your body condition. Get involved in the creation process by dealing with your negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Change and redesign your mind.

3. Value Your Body: Your body is your anchor to the earth experience. It holds the five senses. It is only with the body that you can experience sensation, smell, taste and beauty. Your body can lead you to the highest version of yourself. When you pray or meditate you are one with your body and soul, and that is a spiritual experience. When you go within you will find your highest self, your inner power and peace. Your body is your best ally. Care for it with the ultimate respect and it will respect you and your intentions with all its ability.

Why You Should: Your body is your anchor and connection to the earth. You are a spirit in a body and if the body is gone you will be gone from this dimension. This can happen when you detach from the body or when you believe disease comes from outside of you. You must ultimately understand that your mind and your body are deeply connected.

4. Responsibility: Take responsibility for your body’s current condition. Does your lifestyle support a healthy body? When you don’t get enough sleep, or exercise; or you do not eat or drink healthy you are not taking responsibility. Your body depends totally on you. It cannot go outside of you and get the nutrition it needs. It cannot function the way you expect it to if you do not give it the exercise it needs. What you put into your body is what you will experience. Love your body as though it were your only child. Respect it as though it held the Kingdom of God. Tend to its needs as though it was your only anchor to this world. Be the best caretaker you can be and it will be well worth the investment.

Why You Should: Your body is constantly regenerating.  You have new skin every 2 weeks, a new liver every 300-500 days and an entirely new skeleton every 7 to 10 years. The material your body uses to renew itself is the foods you eat and the liquids you drink. It also uses what you actively think, feel and believe. Remember, your body is constantly listening to your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. You provide the material your body uses to consistently re-create itself, at all times.

5. Commit: Partner with your body. Together, make a change. You have only one body. Pay attention to what you feed it in thought and nutrition. You cannot blame anyone or anything for what your body is doing. When you make the commitment to take an active role in its well-being you have claimed the power to change things. Own what you’ve done to your body at this point and begin your commitment to it. Decide along with the agreement of your body to take a different course. Launch a new future. Make a new and 100% actively involved partnership.

Why You Should: Declaring a partnership with your body will be one of the most powerful decisions you will ever make. Making a commitment takes practice and a determination to succeed. Be dedicated to the well-being of your body. There will be times your body may beg for something that is not good for it; just do the best you can. You will discover, however, that your body easily adapts to new diets, foods and habits. Our bodies can change in a short time if that is what you want. The discipline will bring you rewards you will simply adore.

By following the five steps you will not only enhance your life but you will also enjoy better health and new adventures; but you must want it, and work for it. The rewards of having a long lasting and healthy body are beyond imagination.

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