3 Steps to Recognize and Overcome Limitation and Regain Your Inner Power

3 Steps to Recognize and Overcome Limitation and Regain Your Inner Power

By Susan Orosco

When we live by fear, it imposes itself on our decisions about manifesting our dreams, maintaining our health or even when we love. Fear darkens our perception of the world, of others and of ourselves. This belief system based on fear is called Fearism.

Why do we give fear so much of ourselves? Because we think we are being cautious or even realistic. But the truth is fear is nothing more than limitation.

Some might view limitations as a need for boundaries and structure. And maybe some of us do, especially when we were young. But as an adult, I believe we no longer need to function from the place of fear and limitation. I think a grown-up can distinguish between crossing a boundary that keeps one safe and a boundary that keeps one from knowing their highest potential.

In the past I would often limit myself and not even know it. Since then I have become sensitive to when limitations are influencing my life. I no longer confuse them with reality or destiny. The first sensation I feel when I detect a limitation is discomfort. I feel something is wrong. I will worry, feel stressed or be willing to settle for less than what I really want.

Only limitation and Fearism can cause this kind of discomfort. Feeling like a victim is a sure sign that God is not being trusted in that area of your life. When I say God, it can also mean the Universe, your Highest Self or any form in which you understand God to be. Just keep in mind; you are the child of the Most High. I know if I operate on the principles of Fearism and not as the child of the Most High, I will be deprived of all the qualities which I have the spiritual right to, such as love, good health or abundance. We can either choose fear or faith, both cannot co-exist.

I have listed three steps to help identify when something within you feels wrong, and affirmations to help you break through the limitations that stifle your deepest desires.

STEP 1. Recognize whether you are stressed. Is there tension in your body, such as back problems, stiff neck and/or headaches? Tension in the body is a sure sign that you suffer from your own resistance to what you know is true.

Your spirit knows it is an unlimited being and what you desire can and should be accomplished. If you are resisting what is rightfully yours, your body will respond with stress.

Stress is fear. It is the fear of the future and we resist what we fear. When you question your stress you will find a limitation. Asking will open your mind to challenging it. Be willing to see your future in a different light than what Fearism is dictating. You will then see that what God wants for you will bring you perfect happiness and there is nothing to fear. Undo the philosophy of Fearism by repeating the affirmation below. Do it throughout the day until you feel comfortable with it, and with repetition, it will become a belief.

Affirmation: I am limitless. There is no limit to my potential. The decision is mine. I choose to believe I can live my dreams. I am the child of the Most High, therefore, I am limitless. Alone, I may be afraid; with God, I have purpose.

STEP 2. Recognize when you are worried. Do you have thoughts and images of situations you don’t want? Do you say statements to yourself and to others indicating the opposite of what you want? If this is happening to you, whether severe or mild, you have worry. Feelings of fear, lack and possible loss will overwhelm your mind and heart.

Worry is fear. It is fear of being separate and alone. You fear you have only yourself to count on and what you want will not come to fruition. You fear your prayers are not being heard. Your faith is in Fearism rather than in God.

Where you worry is where you have accepted a limitation. Once again, challenge the limitation and be willing to see things differently. This is the first step to get out of the victim mentality.

Affirmation: I am not alone. Heaven is here now. I surrender my worried thoughts to God. My thoughts will no longer create the opposite of what I want. I choose to believe I am safe and I am loved. I am the child of the Most High, therefore, I am blessed, protected and fulfilled.

STEP 3. Recognize if and where you have conceded. Have you unfairly compromised and settled for less? Do you feel unworthy, cheated or deprived?

Doubting your personal power is fear. Do not surrender your potential to Fearism, but instead surrender your fears to God. Once you have faced your fears and examined them let them go. Release what no longer serves you, once and for all.

Now revisit where you once compromised. Note how everything looks different without the influence of fear. Re-negotiate. This time ask for the impossible, and expect it.

Affirmation: I am a spirit in human form and I am here with purpose. The Universe expects me to ask for what I need. If I need money I must ask for it. If I need courage, I will ask for it. If I need guidance I can depend on it. I am not alone. I have a partnership with the Universe and whatever I need awaits my asking.

I hope these three steps assist you to connect with your limitless inner power and most importantly, your inner peace. Stay away from Fearism; it is nothing but limitation. With it you will experience the victim mentality, loss, deprivation and suffering. Instead, choose to know who you really are, a child of God.

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